9 Standout Plus-Size Fashion Moments During Fashion Month

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Fashion Month, which includes events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, has seen an increasing emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in recent years. Here are nine standout plus-size fashion moments from Fashion Month:

  1. Versace Spring/Summer 2021 (Milan):

    • Versace featured a diverse cast of models, including several plus-size models, during its Spring/Summer 2021 runway show in Milan.
  2. Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2020 (New York):

    • Christian Siriano has been a pioneer in promoting inclusivity in fashion. His Fall/Winter 2020 runway show included a diverse range of models, celebrating body positivity.
  3. Savage x Fenty Fashion Show (Presented by Rihanna, New York):

    • Rihanna's Savage x Fenty fashion shows have gained acclaim for their celebration of diversity. The presentations include models of various sizes, shapes, and ethnicities.
  4. Chromat Spring/Summer 2020 (New York):

    • Chromat, known for its commitment to diversity, featured a diverse cast of models, including plus-size and transgender models, in its Spring/Summer 2020 runway show.
  5. Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2020 (New York):

    • Michael Kors showcased inclusivity in its Fall/Winter 2020 runway show, featuring a range of body types and ages.
  6. Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2021 (Paris):

    • Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2021 show in Paris celebrated individuality and diversity, with models of various sizes and ethnicities.
  7. Eckhaus Latta Spring/Summer 2019 (New York):

    • Eckhaus Latta's Spring/Summer 2019 show was notable for featuring models of diverse body shapes, including plus-size models.
  8. Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2020 (New York):

    • Prabal Gurung's Fall/Winter 2020 show celebrated diversity with models of different sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds.
  9. Tanya Taylor Fall/Winter 2019 (New York):

    • Tanya Taylor's Fall/Winter 2019 presentation included models of various sizes, promoting a message of inclusivity and body positivity.

These moments highlight a positive shift towards greater inclusivity in the fashion industry, challenging traditional standards and celebrating diversity in body shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. It's essential to continue supporting and promoting such moments to foster a more inclusive and representative fashion landscape.


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